Initiating contact with an Official

Step One:

Initiating contact in person:
The ideal is to do this in person wherever possible, for example over coffee. If you do it that way you can print out and hand them in your meeting.

“Remembered as a Leader” Word Docx  “Remembered as a Leader” PDF

To start the conversation via Email or Mail:

You can do this via email or snail mail if you do not have a personal email for them. The least effective way is through an email to the official’s office. However, in many cases, this is where is we must begin.

First: Adapt and personalize this generic message.  Intro text for email or letter 

Include in your email or letter this article.  “How Do You Wish to Be Remembered as a Leader”

Step Two:

Follow news on the person, pray for that individual regularly. Try to understand that individual as best you can so that you can address needs you may perceive.

Step Three:

At regular intervals, go to, pray over whether one of the essays in the Reflection section may be appropriate to send, download, insert together with cover comments into an email, personalize as much as possible, and send.

Step Four:

At an appropriate interval, as led, repeat.

Note: With a little more effort, one can do a higher quality job by letter, employing stationary, linen envelopes, looking a little more dignified. I tend to go with the simplest approach that works. Email is very personal when they engage you. Even better if you can also do all of this in person.

Reflections on Statesmanship

A series of essays

  • The Vacuum as It Relates to the Statesman May 6, 2024
    The Vacuum as It Relates to the Statesman The seventeenth century French philosopher Blaise Pascal described a vacuum in the heart of each human. I am convinced this vacuum has profound implications for the Statesman. Specifically, I would like to discuss with you the implications in the life of the Statesman of leaving this vacuum unfilled. ...
  • The Statesman Understands the Authority of Office May 6, 2024
    The Statesman Understands the Authority of Office What makes Government special among the institutions our Creator established to ensure an orderly society, alongside Family and Religious Institution, is the authority Government has been given. In order to properly exercise the authority of office, it is necessary to understand the authority granted to Government and to the ...
  • The Statesman Embraces the New Person Necessary to Govern May 6, 2024
    The Statesman Embraces the New Person Necessary to Govern King David, who ruled three millennia ago is often considered the greatest king. He becomes an interesting model for us because he manifested the same human weaknesses as we all share. And yet, he represents victory over our human weaknesses to do good for the people, which ...
  • The Statesman’s View as Shared Beneficiary February 12, 2024
    The Statesman’s View as Shared Beneficiary A part of the human condition is a shortsightedness that we must compete with each other so that I can only benefit at someone else’s loss. But is it really to my advantage to benefit from someone else’s loss of advantage? Is it not possible that by employing our ...
  • Challenge to Govern as Statesmen January 18, 2024
    Challenge to Govern as Statesmen How Do You Wish to be Remembered as a Leader – as a Statesman or as a Politician? I believe it is useful to occasionally pause to reflect on what motivates us and what do we hope to achieve with our lives. Let me pose these questions: What kind of a ...
  • The Statesman Developing the Most Important National Resource December 1, 2023
    The Statesman Developing the Most Important National Resource Within our world, there is a clamoring for national wealth, potentially advancing power and prestige for those in leadership. Typically, economic growth becomes the measuring stick for effectiveness of an administration. This leads to natural resource utilization being a high priority. An effective economy is certainly important. However, ...
  • The Citizenship That Can Support the Statesman December 1, 2023
    The Citizenship That Can Support the Statesman Citizenship a is powerful incentive in the life of the Statesman. The reality is that there is a citizenship that is even more significant than that of one’s birthplace in making one a Statesman. In God’s Instruction to His creation is a fascinating chapter often referred to as the ‘faith ...
  • Does God Intervene in the Affairs of Nations? November 30, 2023
    Does God Intervene in the Affairs of Nations? I believe that we can only remain optimistic in the midst of events in our world today if we can answer for ourselves this one question: Does God Intervene in the Affairs of Nations? This is a time of tremendous uncertainty. We see decisions being made in our ...
  • Developing the Heart of a Statesman November 30, 2023
    Developing the Heart of a Statesman For any noble character trait, we often use the expression: “… are made, not born”. This implies that natural ability is not enough but that we need help in improving ourselves. Nowhere is this truer than in the making of the Statesman. Truly, The Statesman is made, not born. By ...
  • Who Holds the Hand of the Statesman? August 16, 2023
    Who Holds the Hand of the Statesman? The Statesman stands out in his vision. As analysts have pointed out: The great difference between the real statesman and the pretender is that the one sees into the future, while the other regards only the present; the one lives by the day, and acts on expediency; the other acts ...



Leadership For Nation Building

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John Adams, one of the founders of the American democratic experiment, said:

Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts contained! Every member would be obliged in conscience to temperance, frugality and industry; to justice, kindness and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love and reverence towards Almighty God”

This book examines the truth and argues for its application in the governing process.

Challenge to Govern as a Statesman

Read Description
How do you want to be remembered as a leader? As a Politician or a Statesman? Exploring the difference between a politician and a statesman, this book helps identify what people are looking for in a leader, and then, considers with those governing how to be such leaders, and as leaders to facilitate cooperation between governed and the governors. James Freeman Clarke said:

“A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman of the next generation. A politician looks for the success of his party; a statesman for that of his country. The statesman wishes to steer, while the politician is satisfied to drift.

James Freeman Clarke, “Wanted, a Statesman!”, Edward Everett Hale, editor, Old and New Magazine, Vol. 2, Dec. 1870, p. 644.

Decision-Making in Government

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This book, recognizing the discretionary power of the decision maker and the challenges they face; in lack of training and understanding of governance, its purposes and goals.

Dr. Allen provides a foundation for understanding and making decisions in government, and then applies these principles in several practical areas. Two filters for making decisions are developed, summarized and applied to practical issues.

(Please NOTE: If a Head of Government should decide to lead his/her Cabinet in working through this material, we would be happy to provide printed copies of this workbook without charge.)

Построение демократическ общества

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Это собрание выступлений высказывал во время неофициальных собраний дипломатов, постоянно работающих при ООН, и посещавших эту организацию членов правительств входящих в её состав государств. Мною двигало убеждение в том, что существует Бог, который с любовью создал каждого отдельного человека по Своему собственному проекту.

Liderazgo Para Forjar Naciones

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¿Cómo quiere ser recordado como líder? ¿Como político o estadista? Al explorar la diferencia entre un político y un estadista, este libro ayuda a identificar lo que la gente busca en un líder, luego, con aquellos en el gobierno, cómo ser tales líderes y como líderes para facilitar la cooperación entre los gobernados y los gobernantes.

Ndertimi I Shqipersise Demokratike

Lexoni përshkrimin
Si doni të mbaheni mend si udhëheqës? Si politikan apo burrë shteti? Duke eksploruar ndryshimin midis një politikani dhe një burri shteti, ky libër ndihmon në identifikimin e asaj që njerëzit kërkojnë tek një udhëheqës, pastaj, me ata në qeveri, si të jenë udhëheqës të tillë dhe si udhëheqës për të lehtësuar bashkëpunimin midis të qeverisurve dhe guvernatorëve.