We have never met a leader who did not wish to be a good leader. There is something in the human heart that confirms that this is what is intended.

In parallel, as we have attempted to understand Government through the revealed intentions of our Creator, it seems clear that He intends for every governing official to be a Statesman as the secular writers have expressed. The goal of the Centre for Statecraft is to integrate the secular with knowledge from our Creator. In our own exploration, we have become even more convinced of the importance for the spiritual dimension in support of the values which must underlie effective Government service.

Perspectives on Government

Government is part of our Creator’s design for creating well-being for His creation. He has vested great authority into Government to do for the people what they are unable to do for themselves. That authority is intended to be used under His supervision.

Our Commitment to Support

Educate. It is our intent to introduce Government officials to the principles of our Creator who designed the institution of Government and help them apply these principles to their leadership. Our intent is to make this interactive, as we are on a journey together.

Train. Train lay and professional religious leaders in the same principles so they may serve those working within the institution of Government. Help Government leaders to train those serving in their administrations.

Equip. Provide teaching materials that would help both groups.