African Retired Senior Official

If I had the benefit of this teaching when I served in the government, I would have been far more effective.

Pacific Finance Minister

This will give me the framework I need for making decisions. I try to make everyone happy with my decisions, but often I feel I am doing the wrong thing.

African Retired Ambassador

An excellent publication which I recommend to those aspiring for national leadership regardless of their country’s culture and history.

Pacific Head of State

I believe that those who read these publications will certainly be enlightened of the need to be honest and God fearing in their duties as leaders of our nation.

Head of State of Pacific Nation

The kind of book that all leaders, elected, appointed, or hereditary, should read.

African Cabinet Minister

I have found reading it extremely exciting and interesting….It is certainly a serious reference book that every leader or anyone in a position of leadership should read.  It has a profound message for all leadership, and the lessons contained therein can go a long way to change and improve our world.

Prime Minister of a Pacific Nation

I am appreciative of your being so kind in sharing with me many thought-provoking principles covered in your books….I share your views that only God’s principles can move a nation into well-being.  The rest have been tried and found wanting.

Foreign Minister of an Eastern European Nation

I found the thoughts and ideas it contains a source of inspiration for every statesman and diplomat which is resolved to work for the well-being of his countrymen and for the benefit of mankind.

Former Vice President of an African Nation

The type of literature that you enclosed is what aspiring politicians need, so that they develop into statesmen, rather than into politicians.  As I read it through, I felt where I needed guidance myself in some of my past deliberations.  I might have performed better than I did, if only I had the benefits of such literature before.  I will be pleased to send photo copies of it to some aspiring politicians from my country so that they do not repeat the mistakes we who preceded them made.  The paper has refreshed and broadened my own spiritual environment and with it my political vision.

Asian Foreign Minister

Indeed, building a healthy nation without God’s help is impossible for any man, let alone a duly-elected leader, to accomplish.  Now more than ever, we need to realize that without addressing the root causes of conflicts and the moral degeneration in our societies (which are basically spiritual in nature, as elaborated in your book), any man-made or government-driven effort is bound to fail.

President of a Caribbean Nation

I am deeply inspired by your work.  I use it as my guide in addressing the Nation from time to time.  I am convinced that God Himself has placed me in this high office.  I am also convinced that He is using you as my mentor; all praise and thanks to Him.

President of an African Nation

It is therefore beholden of us to seek the Most High God in all our work, especially when we govern His people. Thank you again for this important work helping those who govern to do so with the knowledge of what the Creator expects of them.

President of a European Nation

Thank you for sharing with me a brief thought of God’s purpose for the head of the government. The instruction given originally to Israel constitutes a mandate, which should be followed by all Heads of State or Government. 

Prime Minister of a Caribbean Nation

I am making copies of the document… available to all Cabinet members for study.

Prime Minister of a Western Nation

I will keep it close by while I undertake my leadership role.