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The View of God Upon Which to Build Statesman...

The View of God Upon Which to Build Statesmanship

The View of God Upon Which to Build Statesmanship I believe everyone is familiar with the encounter that David had with Goliath. David was a teenager. Goliath was a 9’9” tall, seasoned, powerful warrior. Everyone knows that David fearlessly felled this giant with a pebble employing a slingshot, perhaps the crudest of all instruments. However, […]

The statesman creates statesmanlike behaviour...

The statesman creates statesmanlike behaviour in those around him/her, including inducing members of the opposition, to participate in the vision

The Statesman Creates Statesmanlike Behaviors in Those around Them, Including Inducing Members of the Opposition to Participate in the Vision     The Statesman faces a dilemma while operating within democratic governance. The Statesman cannot single-handedly enact legislation to support his/her vision without the help of those who are largely Politicians. Hence, one of the […]

The Statesman operates on high moral principl...

The Statesman operates on high moral principles

The Statesman Operates on High Moral Principles   Edmund Burke, the respected British political figure in the late eighteenth century, had provided the following insight into the character of the Statesman: The great difference between the real statesman and the pretender is that the one sees into the future, while the other regards only the […]